Southern Shirt

the eastern pine smaller.jpgsouthern shirt cassie shorts smaller.jpgcuyana leather totesmaller.jpgcuyana tote ecru smaller.jpgtuckernuck earrings smaller.jpgthe eastern pine bloggersmaller.jpg

Shirt Anthropologie HERE | Earrings Tuckernuck sold out in this color, white version HERE | Shorts Southern Shirt see below, also comes in a coral color | Shoes old similar HERE and HERE also loving THESE

Today is actually my birthday!  I feel like birthdays are a good time realize your blessings, and today I am doing just that.  At 33 I am blessed with 2 beautiful babies, a husband who supports my every dream, amazing friends, a wonderful church family, and the realization of a dream of mine which is designing our new home.  I don’t think I thank God enough for all of these amazing gifts!

It’s also a good time to take an inventory of your life goals. I try to do something every single day that gets me closer to my professional, spiritual, physical, and life goals.

I have a feeling 33 is going to be pretty amazing!

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