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Watermelon Clutch HERE | Dress HERE | Earrings HERE | Sunnies HERE

Shoes HERE


This little sliced summertime clutch is !!!!!!   I paired it with a simple (and comfy…wearing size 4) white dress.

Last week as a quite an adventure for me and not in the best way!  I had what I thought was an allergic reaction to a food, but after a trip to the allergist, turned out to be most likely a virus.  I had hives (I had never had these before) all over my body for about 4 days on and off and was so miserable.  We had planned to take the kids to the beach all last weekend but had to stay back.  They ended up going away and I was able to get some sleep after taking medicine, but the medicine also had side effects that took days to wear off.  I am so glad to finally be feeling back to me and to get back to the fun of summer.  I try to go with whatever is happening, but it is so hard when you have plans and want to get out with your kids and you just don’t feel good.   I’m so thankful for family that lives close by and help when I needed it!

This week is a really exciting week for us house wise!  We are closing on our 1.8 acre lot out in the country this week and we are taking a look at the first floor plan for our new home this week!!  The floor plan is literally a sketch I drew and have been trying to work on for months, but it is a compilation of my horrible sketches and some southern living floor plans I love.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out!  I will be sharing more on my instastories this week on home progress.

I know it’s Monday, but I hope your weeks starts off on a great note!

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