My FAV Scents | Candles at all Price Points!


Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 2.07.59 PM.png1. HERE | 2. HERE | 3. HERE | 4. HERE | 5. HERE | 6. HERE | 7. HERE | 8. HERE |

9. HERE | 10. HERE | 11. HERE 12. HERE

Lets chat candles for a second shall we?  I have a confession…I am literally obsessed with candles.  LIKE OBSESSED and also super picky.  All of these picks are great options and you won’t be disappointed.  To me, a great scent sets the scene in your home.  I connect scents with memories and have a really sensitive nose so maybe that has something to do with it, but it just makes sense that one of my first home posts be about my love for scents.  Some people wont burn them, but I always do, and usually keep the jar.  Live a little and burn the candle, enjoy the scent, live the memory!  I like to think they are good for the soul.  I always love the little jars they come in and love the little bit of beautiful light they put off….they make me happy 🙂

My all time favorite scent is SWEET BALSAM from a brand called SKEEM.  This is the first scent I am going to burn in our new home when we move in and I can’t wait.  I bought this scent years ago in Anthropologie and they have since stopped carrying the brand.  I will always be my favorite I think.  Himalayan is another one of my favorites and I LOVE their jars…..LOVE LOVE LOVE.  They have the most amazing jars and tins.  They are hard to find too, and I will see some every now and then in a boutique or something and stock up, but I hardly ever get to shop so online I go.  My favorite scents from them are ORANGE GROVE, CAMPFIRE(can be a little strong but I love it) and TOBACCO BARK.  I am not a french vanilla or sweet smelly “candle person.”  I like a more rustic scent or fresh scent.  I have bought so many candles throughout the years and have found some of the most amazing scents and most beautiful jars.  Most of them are NOT expensive and can be purchased online, so I rounded up some of my favs and added lots of variety for you guys!

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