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Yesterday was such a neat day for our family.  We closed on our property that we will build our home on in the coming months.  I have mentioned before that I am more of a private person when it come to sharing personal info, but for those of you who follow me on here, I want you to understand who I really am and what I’m about.

So a little bit about our journey to this point.  Ben and I sold our Woodlands home over a year ago because we knew it wasn’t where we wanted to be long term.  We didn’t like having a pool which our old house had and, though we were grateful to be there, it wasn’t fully functional for what we needed in a home.  We wanted more of a backyard so the kids could run around and Ty could throw a ball.  He was starting to want to play baseball more and more!  We were also wanting to change School districts and hoping for more of a small town feel.  It felt right to sell it and though we weren’t sure exactly where to go, we listed it and it sold in a week!  We looked for an existing home, but couldn’t find one so we decided to rent.  We actually ended up renting in the same neighborhood where Ben and I lived before we had Ty.  It’s a neighborhood that felt like home.  We had no idea we would be here 1 year and a alf later, but after multiple attempts to build or buy a home, here we are.  There were a couple of times we came close, but something would fall through or not work out, or the neighborhood we were considering completely flooded even though they said it would NEVER flood….thank heavens we didn’t do that one.  It just never felt right so we started looking for land and entertaining the option of building a custom home.  I even wrote letters to land owners I found on MCAD!  Trying to find someone who would sell the perfect property.  We did have some bites on that actually, but there was ALWAYS an issue!  Powerlines, a creek running through the middle that we didn’t know about, neighbors that were a little scary… friend of mind did tell me that “it’s a journey to find your land,” and she was right.  Another friend of mine mentioned a neighborhood to me that I hadn’t considered previously and I LOVED IT.  It felt like home and they were going to be building a whole new section of lots!  I got on the list to get one of the first acre lots and THEN the delays came…the land will be ready to purchase in 1 month, 3 more months, no 6-8 more months…..!!!! I was willing to wait and thought that was the way to go, until one lot happened to pop up! It was a builder that had bought the lot years ago and was ready to sell.   I found it on HAR late one night when Ben and I were winding down from the day.  We both we interested and just happened to have my Mom and Dad coming into town the next day.  We got away after church on a Sunday to check it out and really loved the property so we decided to make an offer.  Luckily, the seller was willing to work with us and we made the purchase!  We officially closed yesterday and I am still kind of in disbelief.  It was a journey to get here, but I think we are where we are supposed to me.  I want to encourage any of you that are in the midst of this.  Maybe reading this gives you some hope that it will all work out and every frustrating part of the journey is a part of getting you to where you need to be!


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