Fall Wardrobe Picks for Tessa

the eastern pine.jpg

Featured bow shops The Splendid Bow and Wunderkin Co.

Both can’t be linked but heres how to shop the unique bows that can be ordered as both headbands or clips.  Their headbands are made out of a nylon pantyhose type fabric that is no fuss for your little princess.  Tessa loves wearing her bows and fusses when she is without her bow…hilarious and so sweet.  I am convinced that she has loved wearing a bow because I started her with these (she still wears these in headband style, not enough hair in the front.)   They are so comfy for them and worth the little extra $.  So The Splendid Bow you shop at 10AM CST on her website.  She is a stay at home mom and artisan and only makes so many bows a week.  She has the cutest fabric and amazing Holiday bows.  Be quick selecting because they sell out fast.  Wunderkin’s next release is next Tuesday at 10am.  You can find info on release dates from each of their instagram accounts.

Another dress boutique company I love is called Alice & Ames.  They make the twirl dresses that are so adorable.   I have purchased 3 for Tessa throughout the years and she loves twirling in them.  I cant link them on here but you can shop their site HERE.

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