Airport Casual in Calgary

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We just made it home from our trip to Banff yesterday and I am already missing the incredible views!  What an amazing experience.  I will be sharing more content from my trip in the coming days.  This scarf sold out just before I posted it on my instagram!  I was so sad.  It is so cute.  I posted something similar above and the other color this scarf comes in.

After we landed in Calgary, we couldn’t find our friends or get service to let them know we had landed so we waited for a while outside of the airport and it was so beautiful, we snapped a few pics.  On our way back to the airport to go home, our driver told us about how they had just finished building a billion dollar airport and how beautiful it had been to watch it come to life.  That is what is behind me in these pics.  It was amazing….and thats just the AIRPORT!  I have to say, I was really impressed by Canada.  Not only were the people super friendly, but it was so clean and well kept.  I hope you guys have had a great start to your week!

Personally, Monday was brutal and unexpectedly came at me out of nowhere.  I started off the day with and excruciating headache and I don’t like to take medicine, but today I popped in the ibuprofen and kept it moving.  Kids were all kinds of crazy and the lid on my coffee wasn’t put on correctly and spilled ALL over my car and me and my arm when the lady handed it to me…so hot. yikes.  I left my makeup bag a hotel in Canada which I have been on the phone with trying to get it here and UPS stores trying to send them a label they ended up not needing…  Follow that up with a couple of major meltdowns at the grocery and Mall trying to find something for Ty’s 5 year pics tomorrow.  Tessa tried on a dress and didn’t understand that she had to take it off to purchase….totally lost her mind. Cue the lady that walks by and says “long day huh?” lol

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