Fluted Navy Skirt

_ND40541 copy.jpg_ND40551 copy.jpg_ND40563 copy.jpg_ND40555 copy.jpg_ND40581 copy.jpg

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  This skirt is so comfy and I love it with a simple striped button down.  Tuckernuck has been one of my favorite stores for several years now and I just love their classic American style.

  We just go back from Arizona this week.  We were in Scottsdale for work trip for my husband.  For those of all that are new to following me, my husband is a financial advisor and does retirement planning and investments mainly in Houston, but he has clients all over.  I will brag on him a little here because I know he probably won’t see this post.  He has won several awards and is someone who has always done the right thing by his clients.  I like to say it’s always nice to see the nice guys finish first and he is exactly that.  Maybe I’m getting a little sappy because we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next week!  Anyways, it was wonderful seeing him get the recognition he deserves and I just love watching him in his element.  He loves numbers, I love art….I guess opposites do attract!

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