Deep Blue Velvet

_ND42550 copy.jpg_ND42551 copy copy.jpg_ND42620 copy.jpg_ND42600 copy.jpg_ND42602 copy.jpgvelvet jumpsuit blue.jpg_ND42622-2.jpg_ND42557 copy.jpg

Jumpsuit HERE | Earrings Panacea HERE similar HERE | Bracelet c/o Carrie Dunham | Clutch Tory Burch similar HERE and HERE | Shoes old similar HERE

The weather this past week in Scottsdale was perfect.  Ben and I took some time to see the The Jokake Inn which is located just in front of the Phoenician Resort.  It was built in the early 1900’s and was actually the home of the original owners of the land that the resort was later built on.  A young Hopi Indian boy gave the home its name “Jokake” which translates to “mud house.”

Kind of a funny story about this though is that Ben really wanted to try out these “Bird” scooters and if you haven’t heard of them, they are motorized scooters that you find, unlock, drive, and then lock back with an app.  You leave them wherever you are when you are done with them, and somebody comes and charges them magically??? Not sure how that works still, but they were perfect for short distances, 1-3 miles, getting from point A to B without having to UBER.  We actually took one this afternoon when we went to this spot and there was a big dip that Ben and I felt like 5 year olds driving through… much. fun.  You have to try Bird if you haven’t already!


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