4545.jpgtarget poncho.jpglisi lerch ginger1.jpg45453.jpgtargetstyles.jpg444xd.jpglisi lerch ginger golds.jpg

Poncho Target | Jeans sold out similar HERE and just purchased THESE | Hat Target | Earrings Lisi Lerch | Bracelet c/o Carrie Dunham | Shoes Chinese Laundry

  Target always has some great finds and I loved the color of this poncho when I saw it.  I love the southwestern style that comes with ponchos and wool brimmed hats.   The weather and sunset in Arizona is spectacular and I miss it already!  It’s been raining in Houston all weekend but we are supposed to get some sun tomorrow and the rest of the week!

House update!  We will get to see the 3D renderings of our new home today and I can’t wait.  We are still trying to decide on the color scheme of the ouside….the shutters and exterior door colors specifically.  I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I’m having a hard time deciding!




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