Merry Christmas!

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Outfit details

1.Ben- shirt HERE | Shoes HERE

2. Me- Poncho HERE | Leggings HERE | Boots HERE and similar HERE | Belt HERE | Earrings c/o Lisi Lerch HERE

3. Ty- sweater HERE | Jeans HERE | Boots HERE

4. Tessa- Dress HERE (tts) color is sold out but I buy these in different colors | Tights HERE | Shoes HERE | Bow HERE

  I want to wish all of you guys a very Merry Christmas from my little family to yours.  Christmas is a great time to reflect on the blessings we have been given and to celebrate the people in our lives and how much they mean to us.  I have always enjoyed gift giving and it runs in my family for sure.  Tessa and Ty are still too little to really understand the joy of gift giving, I feel like, but my niece, Leighton, couldn’t wait to put gifts under her tree and wrapped up something the day after Thanksgiving for me to open as the first gift of Christmas.  So so sweet.  We are loving the magic of the season and watching our kids enjoy all of the aspects of the Holidays.

  Funny story about these photos, Ben and Ty actually met me and Tessa for these pictures for our Christmas card because they were at a Birthday party.  I was starting to take his pictures when I noticed his lips were very blue….”Ty show me your teeth.”  Ty-proudly showing me his vibrant blue teeth….me shooting a very confusing look at Ben….”Hey Ben, why are Ty’s mouth and teeth bright blue??????”…..Ben, “Oh ya, I gave him a blue air head on the way here…. didn’t know it would do that…” Me, “………..”  I had to edit out all the blue, but at least he was happy lol..  I want to thank my mother in law, Beth, for taking our family photo and helping us with the kids and getting them to smile so big!!

Warmest wishes to you and yours this Holiday Season!

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