Cloud Family Photos!

Cloud Family-2 copy.jpg

  Yes, my maiden name was Cloud.  I traded in Cloud for the masculine, BROCKMAN …which came with my kindergarteners calling me Mrs. Broccoli.   I loved my old last name, but am totally kidding and absolutely love the man that came with my new name.  We hired a college friend of mind, Stephanie, to do our family pics this year.  She was so sweet with our crazy kiddos and did a fabulous job!

Cloud Family-9.jpgCloud Family-38.jpgCloud Family-40.jpgCloud Family-43.jpgCloud Family-51.jpgCloud Family-54.jpgCloud Family-78.jpgCloud Family-4.jpg

It is always hectic getting everyone together this time of year, especially when the Highland Park Scots are in the HS football playoffs!   My brother in law (far right above) coaches for the HP football team and they won a playoff game the night before we had these taken.  He came for about 15 min and went right back to preparing for the next game.  He is a wonderful coach and we all love getting together to go to the games.  It’s also fun seeing Tony Romo every now and then at the games and watching Jerry Jones’s helicopter take off after a game.  They have won state two years in a row and this year they made it 3!  Congrats Tristan!


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