Happy 2019!!

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This year has been a wonderful year and I am counting my blessings.  I’m so thankful to have this crazy family of mine.  I am reminded daily to appreciate our health and blessings as I know life will have its challenges here and there.  I heard something on the radio today that reminded me to choose joy…in all circumstances.  I heard it on a day that I felt like nothing was going my way.  I was late for everything, yet wasn’t getting anything done, I was stuck in traffic and I heard this.  It made me put into perspective exactly how minor my troubles were that day.

To be honest, this time in my life is amazing yet frustrating.  If you have followed me on here or my instagram, you know that we have been in the process of building our home on some land.  It has taken us so much longer than we ever expected to get our plans done.  This is my first time building a home (so I have no clue what I am doing) and I like to make sure every detail is right.  It takes time to get this done correctly, I am learning, but I am also very IMPATIENT.  It is my weakness for sure.  I wish I was more patient like my husband who never seems to worry about anything.

Since this is the time of the year for resolutions, I would like work on becoming more patient in my daily life and my life as a whole.  I also want to read my Bible through this year.

What are your resolutions?


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