Basic Black | Winter Uniform


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    I had so much fun in Dallas last weekend with my mom and my sister!  It was the second time I have ever left by myself since I had Tessa!  I can’t believe that still. I need to get out more!  I actually got to drive in the car all by myself for an extended period of time and was able to listen to what I wanted for a change.  I definitely took that for granted before I had my two little munchkins 🙂

They say motherhood is strange in that you look forward to alone time, but as soon as you get it, you miss the craziness of home. One thing I do when I leave the kiddos overnight is put little notes under their pillows so I am still “there” at bedtime.

It was FREEZING in Dallas and this turtleneck was so cozy and warm. I actually didn’t even need a coat it’s so warm.  I LOVE it so much because in Houston I can scrunch up the sleeves and it cools me down if it warms up.  Pair with a great pair of leggings and a pop of color and you are good to go!

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