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  Wearing a small in the black top – Jeans are true to size – necklace not tagged but from ETSY IME Jewelry – Watch c/o MVMT – Sunglasses – c/o MVMT #ad

  I have been eyeing these distressed Levi’s jeans for a while and finally purchased last week.  I love them!  They are just the right amount of distressed and such a beautiful wash.  I linked the exact pair above, but they come in several washes.  This wash is called Foothills.  I purchased this little Madewell top from my event there last week.  Loved it as soon as I tried it on.  So easy and chic.

I have been starting to take on more Ads lately, this one is with MVMT.  I am picky about who I do ads with and want y’all to know that the ones I do are most often from companies I would have shopped before I started blogging.  This brand is one of them.  I love MVMT and what they are about.  The want to provide high quality pieces for a reasonable price.  I have tried on high end watches and this brand is no different, you just aren’t paying a very high price.  Makes total sense and this gold watch is so chunky and such a great hue of gold!  Loving this one too!

Also, side note, I have been getting DMs on my insta about my hair color.  I am a natural red head and I get highlights and lowlights put in from the FABULOUS Emily Cooper from Salon Bugatti here in The Woodlands.  She is amazing!  I also tagged Kendi oil which is the BEST hair product I own!  Keeps your hair smooth even in HOUSTON!


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