Revised Makeup 2019

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  To see my VIDEO tutorial go to my instastories highlight under makeup!  There,  you will see how I use these products in more detail.  I always get comments about my dewy look on my skin.  Some of that is genetic I think and some is spray tans.  (I go to a local place called Salon Genesis for all you local girls :). But I have to give credit to this amazing base. I have been using it for 10+ years and love it.  Sometimes I double up after it dries or add a little more finishing powder if I want more coverage.

When it comes to makeup trends, I tend to stay away from trendy and lean more towards a classic, feminine look.   I have always admired a classic look and you wont see me doing much contour.  I have seen girls do that and they look like their poor skin can’t breath and in the daylight it looks so unnatural.  So other than a bit of extra bronzer under my cheekbones at night time, I’m good.  Also, I don’t really add to my brows.  I am so fair that I just rarely trim or tweeze my brows and may add a little eyeshadow if its night and I want a little more there.

You need to watch the highlight to see how all I use all of these products.  I feel like you will get a better idea of what I am saying if you can see it.  Beware though, I have NO makeup on when I start!  Brace yourself!


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