Sandals for All-Day Wear


  As much as you want some lift in the summer, a good flat sandal is a necessity and I have found some at all different price points!

  Every year I purchase a GOLD sandal because they go with everything, and last year I purchased these STEVEN sandals but they were so uncomfortable for the price.  I looked at everything from Tory Burch (didn’t like the color of gold they had and didn’t have enough to go with rose gold) to Jack Rogers (too gold gold) and for the PERFECT pair at TARGET!!!!  They are the perfect color gold and more comfortable than the Steve Maddens and only $20!

  That started me on a search to find more sandals at different price points for yall so here we go!

14.jpg[do_widget id=custom_html-120]

00.jpg[do_widget id=custom_html-125]

4444.jpg[do_widget id=custom_html-127]

over100.jpg[do_widget id=custom_html-124]



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