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Summer is HERE!  Bring on the swimming pools, vacations, and sparkling lemonade!  Here are some of my favorite pieces out for the season!


  We have gone under contract on a home!  We are still working on our plans or our house we will be building on our land in the next few years.  We aren’t sure how long we will be in this home, but we have decided to push back building our land home for a couple of years.  This house we are under contract currently is in the same school district as our land so Ty will be attending kindergarten in the same school when we start building.  Fun fact is that the home we are under contract on is under construction and should be done in the next couple of months!   I will be sharing updates of the building progress on my INSTGRAM!

  I hope that isn’t too confusing!  LOL Lots of construction and plans and home designing going on in my life right now!  Crazy, but good and I am glad we are taking our time.  I feel like we are being led to where we will be raising our kids and creating a home.