Wildflowers and White

_ND43168.jpg_ND43167.jpg_ND43226-2.jpg_ND43230.jpg_ND43231.jpg_ND43193-2 copy.jpg\.jpg_ND43170.jpg

 Dress (s) sold out in white! Found it in green HERE, navy HERE, and in pink HERE (also LOVING THIS ONE!) | Earrings c/o Lisi Lerch HERE | Bag Gap HERE | Sunnies c/o Madewell HERE

  My parents live in Austin and have this field in front of their home that is filled with wildflowers right now!  They go on and on, so many more that I could picture here.  We stopped by before we left town to pick some and take them home.

  My parents have only lived in Austin for about 10 years and lived in Longview for 25 years before that.  Longview is where I grew up.  I love getting to go to Austin now when we visit them!  There are so many fun things to do!  But I miss getting to touch base with my old hometown.  We are actually going to take our family to the Hot Air Balloon Festival this summer and I can’t wait to share a little bit of my home with my kids.

  So this DRESS!!  I love it so much and keep wearing it (if you follow me on instagram, you know just how much I wear it :). And I meant to blog it a few weeks ago, but life has been busy with getting ready to move homes etc.  Anyways, the white color sold out, so sad, but I tagged all the colors I could find in it.  It is seriously so soft and effortlessly chic!

  Have to mention that I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES!  They remind me of the ones Meghan Markle famously wore but they are half the price and so sturdy!



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