Sporty in Waco

the eastern pine.jpgnavy romper.jpg_ND43056.jpgnavy jumpsuit.jpgallison brockman.jpgsuperga sneakers.jpgthe woodlands fashion blogger.jpghouston blogger.jpg

  Jumpsuit (s) Navy HERE more colors HERE | Hat HERE | Shoes Superga HERE TTS | Sunnies HERE | Necklace c/o RELLERY | Earrings HERE

   Ben and I dropped they kids off last weekend in Austin with my parents and headed to a fun party with friends in Granbury.  On the way, we passed through Waco and I wanted to swing by the silos and do a little browsing!  We weren’t thinking BUT it was Sunday and there were….closed :(. Totally forgot they were closed on Sundays and wanted to walk around anyways.  We were able to see so much of the grounds with little to no crowds which was cool, but will have to stop by another day to pick up one of her famous candles!

  I love everything about their show and what they stand for.  Joanna Gaines is most definitely a woman I look up to and admire.   Fun fact, my friend Leigh Anne and I shopped at her old shop on Bosque when the show first began.  I love her style and am SO excited to see their new channel in 2020!

  About my shoes, I have worn these for two years now (purchased a new pair this year because I wore them so much,) and just saw Kate Middleton wearing them in a photo last week!  Classic and cute little tennis shoe staple approved by the princess herself 🙂



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