Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathers day.jpg

Father’s Day is next Sunday!  Have you picked out the perfect gift for the Dad in your life?  My husband, Be, is a golfer so thats why theres so much golf stuff linked here.

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  A few notes about some of these items.  Mizzen and Main is a shirt company created by Phil Mickelson.  Their shirts are made out of a special material that is both stretchy and cool.  Ben wears his to work and under his suits. They don’t wrinkle which I love!

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  This men’s organization set is so nice (bought a couple of pieces for Ben) and you can add a custom monogram to personalize it!

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  Tommy John’s are apparently the BEST boxer briefs ever made.  They are said to be the most comfy underwear for men.   Buy a pair and have your man give them a try.  They will never go back…

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  I linked all of the other items here for you guys!  I hope this helps in your search for the perfect gift for the fathers in your lives.  They do so much for our families!  I’m glad to celebrate them this next Sunday!


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