Seattle Market

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Skirt J.Crew (2) cheaper version HERE | Sweater J.Crew (M) | Boots old similar HERE | Earrings c/o Lisi Lerch HERE | Bag old but in so many new colors HERE | Necklace c/o Rellery HERE

  Our trip to Seattle was so fun.  We actually went for Ben’s work and took a couple of extra days to enjoy the city.  One of my favorite places was of course the Public Market.  SO many fresh and beautiful blooms right at my fingertips :).  I loved stoping and just looking at all of them.  I’ve never seen such beautiful dahlias in so many colors, amazing.  The market was a mixture of the smell of fresh flowers and fish!  Ben actually got to catch a huge fish at the market!  I posted it on my instastory highlights in “Seattle.”

I’m so proud of Ben!  He was elected to the Agents Advisory Council this trip and will now serve this next year as a liaison for current agents and the home office in New York for New York Life.   Well deserved and I am so excited for him.

  It was a cool 50ish degrees the whole trip (which I am missing RN) and we did Hace some sunny days which was so nice.  The Astros were in town playing the Mariners, so we caught 2 games and even ran into a couple of the players in town!

  This outfit is warm and would be great for fall family pics!


Sweet Honey Clothing

sweet honey dresses.jpgallisonbrockman.jpgfloral dress girls.jpgthe eastern pine 33.jpgthe eastern pine.jpgsweet honey shoes.jpg12.jpg_ND45627.jpg

Top HERE almost sold out but in bubble version HERE | Leggings HERE | Shoes HERE | Bow HERE

One reason I started this blog was to highlight brands that I love and share them with you all.  Sweet Honey Clothing is dear to my heart because it is owned and operated by a  young family in my hometown, Longview, TX.  I love supporting my hometown and I get the warm fuzzies each time I order from them.

  Every piece I have ordered from them has been quality and stood up wash after wash.  They have the cutest prints and styles for your little ones.   I like to purchase a few items I love for her and just repeat them a lot as opposed to buying a lot of items that may not be the best quality.  Sweet Honey is reasonably priced in my opinion and I have no problem paying the price because I know I’m getting a lot of use out of each item.

  They also have shoes, pajamas, and dance wear!  The shoes Tessa is wearing here are Sweet Honey as well and I love them so much I ordered the next size up too.

One important thing to know is that they release their items in batches weekly in their “Weekly Drop” every Wednesday at 8pm.  That means Wednesday right at 8pm, you need to go to their website and order.  They always advertise what they’ll be releasing that week on their INSTAGRAM.  I always check there to see whats coming and decide before hand what I’m going to purchase as the new items sell out fast.

I want to add that their dresses have lasted 2 years each time fit wise.  Last year I purchased a 2t in a dress for the fall and Tessa is 3 (almost 4 now,) and it still fits great! Tessa is wearing a 4t above in this top and she will be 4 in December.  I plan on her wearing this for a few years.


F.A.Q.’s + More, Answered

allison brockman3.jpg

Where are you from?

A small town in East Texas called Longview.  I grew up there and attended Pine Tree High School where I did Cheerleading and Theater!  I was Tiger Lily my senior in the musical Peter Pan!

Is that your natural hair color?

Yes!  I get asked this all the time though I think the freckles and red eyebrows give it away.  I do some highlights, but I’m kind of wanting to do more auburn lowlights this fall.

Favorite beauty product?

I love my eyeshadow from Bare Minerals called Queen Tiffany in shimmer.  I have used it for years.  I always apply it with a crease brush.


What does your husband do?

Ben is a financial advisor and founder of Brockman & Associates.  He does everything from financial planning to investment management, and life insurance planning.  He works so hard and I am so proud of him.  He is truly great at what he does.  We are actually in Seattle this week with New York Life, who he works with, to celebrate.

Where did you go to college?

Texas A&M. I graduated in 2007 with a bachelors degree in communication and a minor in business.  I thought I wanted to be a news anchor and even interned at a local news station in Longview (KETK) and didn’t think the news life was for me.  I worked in baseball after college for the Texas Rangers and for their minor league team, the Frisco Roughriders.  I got my teaching certificate during that and taught kindergarten. I only taught for 1 year, and started my photography business, Freckled Egg Photography, during that year.  I loved it so much, I made the decision to pursue it full time and did that for almost 9 years.

Favorite Vacation?

Maui!  Take me back!  We went there before kids and had the time of our lives.  I have to say, Disneyland last year was so wonderful and may actually top Maui because it was so amazing watching the wonder on the kids’ faces.

Favorite Music?

I get asked how I find the music I use for the videos I’ve done for my family and blog and I love to listen to Jai Wolf pandora.  It inspires me to create.  When I’m driving, alone…which is never BTW, I like to listen to country, and just recent hits.  I love Carrie Underwood, and the song “Homecoming Queen” from Kelsea Ballerini is a recent fav.  I also love Coldplay and Judah & the Lion.



Diet Coke and a sugar cookie :).  Also, the Bachelor :/

Favorite places to shop?

I love Tuckernuck.  I would say that is my absolute favorite.  They always have timeless pieces for every occasion.  I also love Anthropologie for candles, Pottery Barn for home decor, and Sweet Honey for Tessa’s clothes.

Do you get a spray tan?

Yes!  If you have had them before, you know they are LIFE CHANGING!  I feel like I can take on the world with a spray tan.  I get my airbrush done locally by Salon Genesis.  I don’t go very dark.

More kids?

I go back and forth, but have my hands filled with my two babes.  We aren’t planning on it for now…

How tall are you? 


Any insecurities?

I will always wish I had dark eyelashes.  I look like a different person without mascara I think.  I used to do eyelash extensions, but it took too much time.


How old are you?


What are some of your personality traits?

I am honest to a fault.  It is hard for me not to tell the truth.  I am also inherently a peacemaker.  I don’t like it when people don’t get along and always want to “fix it.”  I love to have fun and try not to sweat the small stuff.

What religion are you?

I was raised and choose to still worship at a Church of Christ.  We worship mostly on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday nights.  I love my church family here in The Woodlands and they are such a blessing in my life.  I actually teach cradle roll (0-12 months) on Sundays!

What is your go to healthy snack?

Almonds and raisins I like to mix together and sip on a Topo Chico.  I also eat a banana with my coffee/latte every morning.  I also love the Apple Larabars.

Why do you go to D.C. every year?

My husband is a political involvement leader representing the New York Life Houston Office.  He meets with members of Congress in D.C. once a year to advocate for improvements in the financial industry.  (Retirement planning specifically)


Sweater (S) HERE | Hair tie Lazy Day sold out in this color but similar HERE and HERE | Jeans MY FAVORITE! HERE | Mug old Anthro

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Fall Wardrobe Edit

Eastern Pine.jpg

  One of my favorite trends for fall right now is a great jewel toned midi skirt and sweater.  Paired with the right calf height boots, fall perfection.  If only we had the crisp fall weather in Texas right now.  We are still feeling the effects of tropical storm Imelda.

Fall is on its way though, no doubt, so I have rounded up my favorite pieces for fall ranging from low to high price points.


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Living Room Tour


This votive holder was purchased years ago.  Similar HERE


I love the old world look this entry piece has.  It is made out of reclaimed pine and reminds me of my East Texas roots.  I had searched and searched for it after watching it get sold at a local store and had contacted a local furniture maker to get a replica made, but he happened to have one in his shop just down the road from me!  I was thrilled and purchased it right away.  I like to think we were meant to be…


This is an old Pottery Barn piece I purchased 8 years ago at the outlet in San Marcos.  I had it painted a while back and it’s one of my favorite pieces I own. It is painted in the color “Oyster Bay” by Sherwin Williams and then we added a stain on top.


This blue rug caught my eye when I was in Homegoods, but it wasn’t the size I needed.  I took a quick snap of the tag and searched online and found it in many sizes and colors on amazon.  It’s a great value.  This is the charcoal color…though it is blue.


Candle HERE


These shouldered vases are my absolute favorite!  I will change the stems with each season, but I feel like they are so versatile and add that “cottagy” touch.


This couch is amazing.  I love how quality it feels and the white is the perfect white.  I had wanted a white slipcovered sofa for a while and explored so many.  I landed on this one which I love. I have already had a couple of spills that were quickly remedied with some dawn and hydrogen peroxide (thanks mom for the tip.)

This is the PB comfort slipcovered sectional but I put a WEDGE piece in the middle.






I had been looking for black oval frame for their silhouettes and was so excited to find these at Walmart!  Linked HERE.  Silhouettes were done by me in photoshop.


I had this lumbar pillow in our previous home, and had to order a new one for our new home.  It is from Ballard Designs HERE and its the 12×20 in quilted white.

Smaller linen pillow covers HERE | Inserts ALL of them HERE

The blue velvet pillows were custom-made with fabric from Bella Notte Linens in color “cenote.” You can purchase the quilted version HERE | Similar HERE


I love the little peek of pink you see in this photo above.  I will share her room as soon as it is finished.


Recliner = happy husband :). We found his chair at Star Furniture


This coffee table was a craigslist find years ago.  I recently refinished the top.  I had originally seen it at the Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos.  When it was time to purchase a coffee table, I knew exactly which one I wanted.  After some searching, one popped up in Austin and my parents drove it over.

A lot of these pieces were accumulated over the years and I love that each piece kind of happened to me.  Thoughtful purchases over years of time can be better than rushing to furnish a home.


Mirror | similar HERE




Sage bushes HERE | Barstools were a facebook marketplace find

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  We still have a lot of moving in to do and I will share the rest of the home with yall as everything is completed.  We are still waiting on blinds and shutters and some furniture to arrive.  It is still a work in progress, but I am enjoying it in every stage.

   We came to this home while it was in the framing stage and worked with the builder and made some changes to the home as it was being built.  The home was supposed to be gray with grey and white floors.  The built in bookshelf was going to be more cabinets and I asked for shelves.  I love how they turned out.  I had them paint the island and bookshelves in the color “illusive green” by Sherwin Williams and the majority of the home in “sedate gray” by Sherwin Williams.  We also changed the floors to a more natural, wood looking tile.

  We have been living in a rental limbo life since our house sold in 2017.  It sold very quickly and we weren’t sure exactly where we wanted to live and didn’t want to rush.  Only expecting to rent for a year, we found a townhome in The Woodlands that ended up being our home for almost 2 1/2 years.  During that time we weren’t allowed to paint and I chose not to really decorate because it was going to be such a short rental period. Looking back, I wish I would have.  Anyway, long story short, after looking at several homes, we decided to purchase land and began designing a custom home with a local architect.  The process has been harder than I expected, and we are hoping to begin construction on that home in a few years or so.  We stumbled upon this house in the process and decided it was meant to be.  It is in the same school district as our property so the kids wont have to move schools when we build and its so close to everything we need.  We are so excited to be home owners again and it has been wonderful decorating this lovey home.  The kids rooms have been so fun to do and I can’t wait to share those with yall soon!