Sunday Morning Organization


 Dress (4) HERE | Earrings HERE | Tote HERE (this size is the Tory Burch McGraw tote size) | Organizer HERE | Shoes similar HERE | Vase HERE | Lips  HERE color is “soar” and gloss HERE

  My favorite tote just got a structured upgrade!  I have purchased these totes in the past  (I love having my monogram on my totes) and they haven’t had any structure so my organizer was a must.  Now with the structure, I find myself using the tote alone without the organizer when I’m not with the kids.

  On Sunday mornings, I need lots of snacks and some toys for the kiddos during church.  I don’t enjoy digging into the deep abyss of my bag when I have a toddler begging for their favorite tiny toy, so I found these organizers and LOVE them.  They come in all sizes and colors and are super functional and affordable.  Also, they are made of thick felt which has no problem standing on its own and won’t get scrunched up in the bottom of your bag. LOVE

  This dress I found when I was shopping with Tessa and grabbed it for an event I had last week!  It is so comfortable and easy to wear.  The color is perfect for this time of year in Texas.


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