Sweet Honey Clothing

sweet honey dresses.jpgallisonbrockman.jpgfloral dress girls.jpgthe eastern pine 33.jpgthe eastern pine.jpgsweet honey shoes.jpg12.jpg_ND45627.jpg

Top HERE almost sold out but in bubble version HERE | Leggings HERE | Shoes HERE | Bow HERE

One reason I started this blog was to highlight brands that I love and share them with you all.  Sweet Honey Clothing is dear to my heart because it is owned and operated by a  young family in my hometown, Longview, TX.  I love supporting my hometown and I get the warm fuzzies each time I order from them.

  Every piece I have ordered from them has been quality and stood up wash after wash.  They have the cutest prints and styles for your little ones.   I like to purchase a few items I love for her and just repeat them a lot as opposed to buying a lot of items that may not be the best quality.  Sweet Honey is reasonably priced in my opinion and I have no problem paying the price because I know I’m getting a lot of use out of each item.

  They also have shoes, pajamas, and dance wear!  The shoes Tessa is wearing here are Sweet Honey as well and I love them so much I ordered the next size up too.

One important thing to know is that they release their items in batches weekly in their “Weekly Drop” every Wednesday at 8pm.  That means Wednesday right at 8pm, you need to go to their website and order.  They always advertise what they’ll be releasing that week on their INSTAGRAM.  I always check there to see whats coming and decide before hand what I’m going to purchase as the new items sell out fast.

I want to add that their dresses have lasted 2 years each time fit wise.  Last year I purchased a 2t in a dress for the fall and Tessa is 3 (almost 4 now,) and it still fits great! Tessa is wearing a 4t above in this top and she will be 4 in December.  I plan on her wearing this for a few years.


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