CariPro Toothbrush Review | Smile Brilliant | GIVEAWAY!


  Toothbrush c/o SmileBrilliant | Jeans Mother old similar HERE | Sweater H&M similar HERE | rose gold bar necklace HERE

  A good day for me starts with a clean mouth and fresh breath!  I noticed a difference in both when I started using this toothbrush.  I have used electronic toothbrushes in the past but this one is different in the way it vibrates and it is so quiet!  Something I can appreciate with my kids still sleeping in my bed when I wake up and get ready.  It has 5 different speed settings including a “whitening” setting which is my favorite.  Literally when I am done cleaning my teeth with this toothbrush, I feel like I have just had a dental cleaning.  I am a HUGE advocate for preventative dental care and worked in a dental office when I was younger and one thing the dentist always said to his staff was GET AN ELECTRONIC TOOTHBRUSH.  It will save your teeth and money in the future.

The CariPro Toothbrush is sleek, quiet, and just overall more advanced than any other toothbrush I have used its the past.

Use my code: theeasternpine20 for 20% off Caripro Ultrasonic electronic toothbrushes!

Also enter HERE to win one for FREE!


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