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  And just like that, it’s THAT time of year!   The time of year when we have to deal with all of the Holiday treats we consumed and all the sleep that we missed staying up late.  It hit me hard these past few days so I decided to do a 3 day “reboot” cleanse with Raw Creations Juice!   It is hard the first day and a half, but once you get the hang of it, it not bad!  What keeps me coming back to Raw Creations and juice cleanses in general is how great I feel afterwards.  My energy is back and I feel less bloated AND I lost about 5 pounds!  Ben and I are also on day 7 of our January whole 30 and for me, starting off with a juice cleanse helps me feel less deprived of the good stuff (cookie and Diet Coke YUM.)

  I made the most delicious  whole 30 soup last night and Ben said it was the BEST thing I had every made! AND it’s whole 30!  Check out the recipe HERE and cute new workout close never hurt your motivation right? 😉

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